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  YD series pole-changing motor speed

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  • Description
    Technical data

    YD series pole-changing motor speed
    YD series change-pole multi-speed three-phase induction motor, two speed, three speed and four-speed are three ways to adjust step by step adjustment. As IC0141, the main use of machine tools, plastics machinery, steel rolling, lifting, tanning, sugar, paper, textiles and other needs in mechanical transmission speed.
    Motor rated frequency: 50Hz
    Rated voltage: 380V
    Work: S1 (continuous)
    Insulation Class: B Class
    Significance of motor models:
    YD ------- pole-changing asynchronous motor energy
    132--------- Frame, Shaft center height (mm)
    S2 ---------- short base, the length of the second core (high - in the base) (L-lead plane seat)
    □ / □ / □ ----- Number of poles
    Operation to ensure:
    1. YD series motor rated to run under the following conditions to ensure:
    a. altitude not exceeding 1000m.
    b. Ambient air temperature change with the seasons, but not more than 40 ℃.
    2. Electric Lead root number of Schedule


    Speed category
    Lead root number
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