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  YEJ series
  • Description
    Technical data
    YEJ series electromagnetic brake motors, motor loss of power can be achieved quickly after the brake. Fast braking time YEJ2-63-90 motor is less than 0.15 seconds, YEJ-100-160 motor is less than 0.20 seconds, the motor can be customized by changing the wiring junction box to achieve slow braking. This series of motor noise, reliable braking performance. Its working principle is: when the motor is powered, electromagnetic brake 198V through 220V AC rectified to DC, this time keeper is magnetic pull, so that the brake disc can be rotated in the state, and but the motor rotate freely. When the motor power off solenoid energized, armature spring immediately resisted, so that after the brake disc and the motor cover laminated together, stop turning.
    This series motors are widely used in metal processing machine tools, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery and gear machines.
    Conditions of Use:
    This series of motors under the following conditions may be rated continuous operation:
    ① Altitude: not more than 1000 meters;
    ② air temperature change with the seasons, but no more than +40 ℃.
    Voltage frequency and methods of work:
    Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz
    Voltage: 220/380V, 380/660V
    Connection: Power in the 3 kW and below the Y Connection, 4 kW or more connected in the △
    Work: B grade, F grade
    Protection class: IP44, IP54 or IP55
    Note: According to the requirements adopt imported bearing, fixed bearing drive.
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