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  YCT series electromagnetic governor motor
  • Description
    Technical data

    YCT series electromagnetic adjustable speed motor from the three-phase asynchronous motor, electromagnetic slip clutch, speed generator, usually in with the JD-type controller type or ZTK matched to form a set of AC variable speed device can be widely used textile, printing and dyeing, cement, paper, printing, rubber, plastics, sugar, stirring, blast, fiber, cable and other industrial sectors.

    Product performance and features:
    YCT series electromagnetic governor motor is used to change the excitation current methods to adjust the size of the output speed of a motor, by the national unified design new products with high efficiency, low noise, vibration, wide speed range, not out of control area, with the speed advantages of negative feedback, power level and mounting dimensions comply with JB/T7123-93 and IEC standards, by the State Economic and Trade dollars, the Ministry of Finance, Department of Electrical and Mechanical, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China jointly as the sixth sector, the seventh sector, first 10 energy-saving products industry. China's machinery products in the first world exposition to be rated "excellent energy-saving products machinery industry."

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