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  YC series single-phase asynchronous motor
  • Description
    Technical data

    YC series heavy-duty single-phase electrical machinery suitable for powering small type machine tools, pumps, on the only single-phase power supply for family workshops where applicable. The series of electrical machinery with advanced technology design, use quality materials, with beautiful appearance, performance, easy maintenance, reliable operation and characteristics, consistent with the relevant provisions of IEC standards.
    YC series motors are totally enclosed fan-cooled, the output power 3HP or below with capacitor starting, when in 50HZ rated voltage greater than 3 times the starting Moment, 60HZ is more than 2.75 times the output power of 4HP and above, with capacitor start and run , focused on the starting torque, smooth, low temperature rise, noise, greater overload performance.

    Conditions of Use:
    Ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ≤ θ ≤ 40 ℃
    Altitude: not exceed 1000m Rated voltage: ± 5%

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