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  TWG series three-phase brushless synchronous generator

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  • Description
    Technical data
    TWG series three-phase ac synchronous brushless generator is our introducing foreign advanced technology and generator self-developed new generator. This series of generator base plate and shell structure adopts the damping turned the whole saliency structure and excitation self-excitation brushless with AVR automatic control equipment volume weight, small delicate exterior properties.
    TWG series motors main technical performances and installation dimension conforms to the international IEC standards and relevant national standards of contemporary international level.
    Main performance indexes:
    1 and 4 extremely brushless controllable self-excitation type drip tight structure (IP21 protection level), F insulation.
    2, the whole class structure of damping convex guarantee generator in various working conditions in the stable operation and 150% 2MIN running under the rated speed for speeding.
    3 and steady-state voltage adjustment rate than ± 1%, transient voltage regulation: - 15% ~ + 20%.
    4 and voltage waveform distortion THD rate than 3%, telephone harmonic coefficients than 2.5%, THF influence coefficients TIF < 50.
    This series of products, and prepare for power generators are widely used in telecommunications, telecom departments, bank, stock trading centre, airport, hospital, hotel, shopping malls, factory etc. Also can be used as the first-class generating equipment used in fishing boats, refinery, army, site different environments.
    In the following conditions can be properly allots motor and output power rating.
    Height: no more than 1000m
    Cooling temperature: 258 ~ 313K (-) 15oC 40oC -
    Relative humidity: no more than 90% of the camp.
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