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  2005, irrigation water supply shall set upright (double platform)

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    2005, irrigation water supply shall set upright (double platform) water supply system: a simplified hydraulic system is installed on small devices. It consists of a table (or two sets) diaphragm pumps, filters and a pre-installed in a dedicated on the shelf with quick electrical connection device pre-pressure water to improve water supply system of all pressure control, flow more stable. more quiet water supply system, with a fast interface. maximum output flow rate is 12.5 l, self-priming suction lift up to 1.5 m .
    Size: 12.5 liters / 17 liters
    Package Size: 440x340x480mm
    Net weight: 9.385kg/10.985kg
    GW: 11.125kg/12.725kg
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