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  T2X series (phase compound excitation) three phase AC synchronous generator
  • Description
    Technical data
    The new T2X series generators compared with STC series generators have the following five advantages:
    1. Compound excitation, simple circuit, high reliability and simple maintenance.
    2. Good dynamic performance, even if the sudden load or unload, there will not be lights flicker.
    3. A strong starting performance without any additional devices will be able to direct 70% of the capacity of the motor starter.
    4. Close to the positive wave of voltage, the output can be safely used on computers.
    5. When the generator unbalanced load to bear, the three-phase voltage deviation of less than 3%.
    Conditions of Use:
    Generator under the following conditions can be normal operation and the output power rating.
    Altitude: not exceed 1000m
    Cooling temperature: 258 ~ 313K (-15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)
    Relative humidity: not more than 90%
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