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  STC series three-phase AC synchronous generator
  • Description
    Technical data

    This series generators are mainly used towns, villages, sites, mountains and pastures and other lighting and dynamic three-phase AC power, but also can be used as emergency backup power. Generators to prevent drop-style transitions, using third-harmonic excitation mode, use the safe, reliable, easy to maintain. Generators for the three-phase four-wire system, with star connection with neutral rated voltage of 400V, phase voltage 230V, frequency 50HZ, power factor 0.8 (lag), according to customer requirements, we can provide 60HZ and voltage generators. Generator directly connected with the original motivation or V-belt, easy to maintain continuous operation, when the prime mover rotation speed of 3%, the load from 0-100%, COS any change in the 1.0-0.8 range, its Rated voltage were allowed within the constant good performance, transient performance is good; the same time, without any starting device ℃ 70% of capacity can directly start the cage asynchronous generator.

    Conditions of Use:
    Generator under the following conditions can be normal operation and the output power rating.
    Altitude: not exceed 1000m
    Cooling temperature: 258 ~ 313K (-15oC ~ 40oC) Relative humidity: not more than 90%

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